Month: June 2017

International Blue’s Up Orchestra 2017

The BLUES’UP festival, renamed BLUES UP ORCHESTRA, is organized by the association AMJ-BECA, presided by Michel BENEBIG, is a unique ephemeral orchestra band that brings together our Caledonian musicians recognized across the oceans and “jazz” world jazz . Freshness and energy for a festival 2017 GET FUNKY! BLUES UP ORCHESTRA fits into the tune of time with a program of 40 years of FUNK style. Through reworks and re-adaptations of unavoidable titles that have marked several generations, our artists let themselves go into this universe by integrating improvisations that only a great mastery and a perfect harmony between musicians...

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Trump’s stand strengthens Pacific union

Donald Trump has decided to retrieve from the Paris Agreement. His move was certainly meant to strengthen the economic situation of the United States of America. However, only a few hours after his public announcement, the situation quickly evolved into a tremendous geopolitical shift. The international answer was swift and strong. First of all, most of the leaders of developed countries around the world publicly disapproved the decision of the American President. Futhermore, the event has given more international weight to the big player of the moment, China, which reassured its commitment to act against climate change in reducing the use of fossil...

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